Jay Mark Gimena "There is only two things in life.. to love and to be loved" "GOd is so good all the time." "All things are possible with God." “Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live. And the most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.” You can copy this information about me but you can never be me… Im "Jay Mark" - the intelligent - very down to earth person - full of sense of humor - talented - the photogenic - the telegenic - fan favorite - matinee idol - videoke king - fashion icon CharR!..hahaha Anyways, you will know me better if you really like me to be your friend. I’m just a simple, sweet, shy man. Sometimes mistaken for being suplado but actually I'm fun to be with and down to earth person. I’m quiet when you first get to meet me, but I'm very talkative and super friendly once we get to meet each other. I love to hangout. Jamming with my new and old friends, while eating food. I'm a sensitive guy especially if I love the person. I always make the right choice and get what I want. I’m very sincere and try to be happy all the time. I'm responsible but I know to have fun. Can't stand rude people but I truly appreciate people who fights for who they love and what they want. I'm a go getter who works hard to surpass my limitations and my ultimate goal here is to have many friends and find my guy. I'm a romantic person wherever we'll go... I like to hold his hand with self confidence don't care if other person looking at us. Sweet...caring person even though you’re not my friend. I will be sweeter than you expected. Nice guy who really intended to find the right guy. My ideal relationship would be one with a very good mix of intimacy, friendship and companionship. Kissing is my best tool to love me more... I'm not good at selling myself (not literally), but I'm not saying that i'm not spontaneous. I just don't know how to translate my thoughts into words.. :) :) :) Nonetheless, I can say that I'm a man who swims against the current; a man who takes every word as a compliment, and every bullet as a real M-A-N.. When it comes to the subject of sexuality, I really pity those people who are obsessed with labels--gay, bi, transexual. When people ask me about my preference, I tell them 'what you see is not always what you seem'. I ain't queer. I'm neither bi nor straight. I'm a man who goes both ways, and loves both sexes. Thank You...:)

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